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addams familyAll Site151
Atari1975 Sears Christmas Book12
atari1981 Sears Christmas Book41
atari1978 JCPenney Christmas Book11
Atari1981 JCPenney Christmas Book41
Barbell1972 Sears Fall Winter Catalog41
barbie1980 Sears Christmas Book51
Bart simpsonAll Site161
bazaarAll Site1531
beauty and the beastAll Site651
beginnerAll Site10021
beginner braAll Site72
beginner's braAll Site141
beginners braAll Site31
bicycleAll Site22431
Bicycle1968 JCPenney Christmas Book31
Bicycle1967 JCPenney Christmas Book61
Boat1957 Sears Spring Summer Catalog642
Boat1958 Sears Spring Summer Catalog591
Boat1957 Sears Fall Winter Catalog343
BootsAll Site52282
boots1971 Sears Fall Winter Catalog621
boots1970 Sears Spring Summer Catalog121
boots1971 Sears Christmas Book271
Boys1982 JCPenney Christmas Book541
bra1984 Sears Fall Winter Catalog451
bra1991 Sears Spring Summer Catalog571
breast1984 Sears Fall Winter Catalog71
breast1987 Sears Spring Summer Catalog141
breast1991 Sears Spring Summer Catalog271
briefsAll Site16421
builtin dishwasherAll Site11
Camera1972 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book41
Camera1979 JCPenney Christmas Book191
Camera1972 Sears Fall Winter Catalog251
Camera1982 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book101
Camera1973 JCPenney Christmas Book41
Camera1973 Sears Fall Winter Catalog231
Camera1983 Sears Fall Winter Catalog321
Camera1979 Sears Christmas Book111
Camera1982 Sears Christmas Book161
Cameras1980 Sears Spring Summer Catalog161
Car seat1975 Sears Fall Winter Catalog31
Chipmunks1984 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book111
Christmas1982 JCPenney Christmas Book1062
christmas1988 Sears Spring Summer Catalog51
christmas trees1965 Sears Christmas Book11
clairolAll Site1491
Clifford1977 Sears Christmas Book11
clock radioAll Site5661
Coats1982 JCPenney Christmas Book91
Comforter1992 Sears Christmas Book112
Commodore1982 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book21
Crayola1982 JCPenney Christmas Book21
curling ironAll Site1901
Dishwasher1985 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog91
Dishwasher1970 Sears Fall Winter Catalog182
Dishwasher1972 Sears Fall Winter Catalog161
dishwasherAll Site21461
Doll1979 Sears Christmas Book311
Doll1978 Sears Christmas Book341
doll house1968 Sears Christmas Book31
doll house1967 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book31
doll house1967 JCPenney Christmas Book41
doll house1967 Sears Christmas Book21
Doll s1981 JCPenney Christmas Book351
Dolls1981 JCPenney Christmas Book231
Dolls1982 JCPenney Christmas Book241
Dolls1985 Sears Christmas Book252
dolls1963 Sears Christmas Book301
Dolls1979 JCPenney Christmas Book231
Dolls1983 JCPenney Christmas Book242
dolls1963 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book181
Dolls1972 Sears Fall Winter Catalog31
Dolls1958 Sears Christmas Book171
drums1960 Sears Christmas Book31
Dryer1964 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog251
Dryer1966 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog251
early one1982 Sears Fall Winter Catalog21
Electric Football1974 JCPenney Christmas Book21
emersonAll Site1671
first braAll Site364
fountains1964 Sears Spring Summer Catalog31
fountains1962 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog21
G.i. joe1985 Sears Christmas Book11
Garfield1982 JCPenney Christmas Book71
gaylord1963 Sears Christmas Book21
ge clock radioAll Site21
ge spacemakerAll Site101
get along1984 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog301
get along1984 JCPenney Christmas Book321
get along1986 Sears Spring Summer Catalog301
GirdleAll Site14543
girl's dressAll Site451
girls braAll Site41
girls briefsAll Site31
girls' briefsAll Site31
gloves1970 Sears Spring Summer Catalog191
Guitar1983 Sears Spring Summer Catalog71
guitar1964 Sears Spring Summer Catalog101
Guitar1984 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book22
Guitar1967 Sears Christmas Book121
Guitar1968 JCPenney Christmas Book51
Guitar1984 Sears Fall Winter Catalog33
guitar1977 Sears Spring Summer Catalog92
Guitar1982 Sears Fall Winter Catalog61
Guitar1984 Sears Spring Summer Catalog63
Guitar1985 Sears Christmas Book91
Guitar1940 Sears Spring Summer Catalog131
Guitar1984 Sears Christmas Book71
Guitar1985 Sears Spring Summer Catalog42
guitar1960 Sears Christmas Book21
Guitar1968 Sears Spring Summer Catalog61
Guitar1984 JCPenney Christmas Book52
Guitar1985 JCPenney Christmas Book42
Guitar1986 Sears Spring Summer Catalog41
guitars1977 Sears Christmas Book41
hang tenAll Site191
Happy days1977 Sears Christmas Book21
heman1984 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book21
Horse1955 Sears Christmas Book292
Horse1953 Sears Christmas Book272
Horse1952 Sears Christmas Book281
Horse1954 Sears Christmas Book271
junior bazaarAll Site572
junior dressAll Site311
kenmore dishwasherAll Site301
Kids1982 JCPenney Christmas Book341
Lingerie1990 Sears Fall Winter Style Catalog101
masters of the universe1984 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book61
maternityAll Site14611
microwaveAll Site12752
microwave ovenAll Site5692
Monchhichis1982 JCPenney Christmas Book11
musical1964 Sears Spring Summer Catalog161
nativity1963 Sears Christmas Book41
Odyssey1981 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book11
Odyssey1982 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book21
oscillating fanAll Site241
panasonic vcrAll Site31
Panties1976 Sears Spring Summer Catalog201
Pin1971 Sears Christmas Book371
Pin1972 JCPenney Christmas Book161
Pin1970 Sears Christmas Book391
Pin1970 Sears Spring Summer Catalog1211
Pin1970 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog641
Pin1970 JCPenney Christmas Book161
Pin1972 Sears Christmas Book321
Pin1976 Sears Christmas Book401
Pin1971 JCPenney Christmas Book231
Pin1975 Sears Christmas Book301
play sets1960 Sears Christmas Book21
Princeton1969 JCPenney Christmas Book12
Princeton1968 JCPenney Christmas Book11
rca vcrAll Site61
rifle1956 Sears Christmas Book151
rifle1976 Sears Fall Winter Catalog81
rifle1980 Sears Fall Winter Catalog41
rifle1960 Sears Christmas Book111
Royalite1956 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog11
Royalite1956 Sears Fall Winter Catalog11
Royalite1955 Sears Christmas Book11
Sanitary pantyAll Site282
Santa1984 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book51
Santa claus1984 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book11
scout1988 Sears Fall Winter Catalog51
sears dishwasherAll Site201
sewing1991 Sears Fall Winter Catalog71
sewing1991 Sears Spring Summer Catalog101
Sewing1973 Sears Fall Winter Catalog251
sewing1957 Sears Spring Summer Catalog541
sewing1995 Sears Christmas Book31
sewing1992 Sears Spring Summer Catalog91
Sewing machine1977 Sears Spring Summer Catalog105
sewing machine1974 Sears Christmas Book21
sewing machine1974 Sears Spring Summer Catalog111
sewing machine1974 Sears Fall Winter Catalog133
sewing machine1978 Sears Fall Winter Catalog101
sewing machine1976 Sears Fall Winter Catalog145
sewing machine1977 Sears Fall Winter Catalog143
sewing machine1975 Sears Spring Summer Catalog112
sewing machine1976 Sears Spring Summer Catalog121
sewing machine1977 Sears Christmas Book52
Sewing machine1972 Sears Fall Winter Catalog141
sewing machine1975 Sears Fall Winter Catalog112
Sewing machine1976 Sears Christmas Book42
sewing machine1973 Sears Spring Summer Catalog171
Sewing machines1977 Sears Christmas Book31
Sewing machines1973 Sears Fall Winter Catalog41
sharp vcrAll Site11
shower curtain1988 Sears Spring Summer Catalog171
simpsonsAll Site471
size 14 dressAll Site281
slumber bagsAll Site2271
Smoke Alarm1986 Sears Fall Winter Catalog21
sonicare1998 JCPenney Christmas Book11
sony vcrAll Site11
Stampede1982 JCPenney Christmas Book11
Stocking1984 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book41
Strawberry1982 JCPenney Christmas Book311
Strawberry shortcake1982 Sears Christmas Book181
suit1960 Sears Fall Winter Catalog961
Survive1982 JCPenney Christmas Book21
teenAll Site32301
teen dressAll Site62
telescope1963 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book21
telescope1960 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book51
telescope1959 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book41
telescope1965 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book31
telescope1961 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book32
telescope1962 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book21
telescope1958 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book51
towel1950 Sears Spring Summer Catalog341
toys1965 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book321
Toys1992 JCPenney Christmas Book311
Toys1970 Sears Fall Winter Catalog111
Toys1941 Sears Christmas Book261
toys1965 Sears Christmas Book511
toys1960 Sears Christmas Book231
toys1974 JCPenney Christmas Book281
Toys1988 Sears Christmas Book561
Train2000 JCPenney Christmas Book121
Trucks1963 Sears Christmas Book201
tycoAll Site3091
vcrAll Site14071
vidalAll Site491
video cassette recorderAll Site521
Washer1970 Sears Fall Winter Catalog441
Washer1972 Sears Spring Summer Catalog361
watch1985 Sears Spring Summer Catalog141
watches1985 Sears Spring Summer Catalog61
Water heater1975 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog111
Winter Underwear1978 Sears Fall Winter Catalog31
young juniorAll Site2221

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