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album1945 Sears Christmas Book31
albums1942 Sears Fall Winter Catalog132
amp1965 JCPenney Christmas Book21
arnel1967 Sears Christmas Book31
Aurora1965 Sears Christmas Book51
Baby1954 Sears Christmas Book391
barbie1982 Sears Christmas Book91
barbie1983 Sears Christmas Book111
Batman1976 JCPenney Christmas Book111
Batman1975 JCPenney Christmas Book61
Batman1974 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book41
Batman1974 JCPenney Christmas Book82
battery1965 JCPenney Christmas Book281
bed wettingAll Site1101
bedwettingAll Site501
Betsy mccallAll Site351
bib1981 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog91
Bicycle1972 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog141
Bicycle1972 Sears Spring Summer Catalog242
books1941 Sears Christmas Book151
Boot1968 Sears Fall Winter Catalog312
Boot1967 Sears Christmas Book171
boot1966 Sears Christmas Book191
Boot1968 Sears Christmas Book81
Boots1968 Sears Christmas Book141
Boots1967 Sears Christmas Book221
boys1986 JCPenney Christmas Book411
bra2001 Sears Christmas Book11
Bra1993 Sears Spring Summer Catalog641
Bras1987 Sears Spring Summer Catalog231
camera1985 Sears Fall Winter Catalog151
camera1985 Sears Spring Summer Catalog101
camera1984 Sears Fall Winter Catalog101
camera1984 Sears Spring Summer Catalog231
cats1984 Sears Fall Winter Catalog81
chain1985 Sears Spring Summer Catalog431
chain1984 Sears Fall Winter Catalog471
chain1984 Sears Spring Summer Catalog511
Chair1982 Sears Spring Summer Catalog641
Chandelier1982 Sears Fall Winter Catalog41
charger1963 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog11
charges1963 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog1091
cocktail1942 Sears Fall Winter Catalog191
cocktail1953 Sears Christmas Book121
cocktail1949 Sears Christmas Book51
cocktail1940 Sears Fall Winter Catalog131
cocktail1949 Sears Spring Summer Catalog191
cocktail1963 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog181
cocktail1946 Sears Christmas Book41
commodore1986 Sears Spring Summer Catalog61
Cowboy1968 Sears Fall Winter Catalog51
Cowboy1968 Sears Christmas Book91
Cowboy boot1966 Sears Christmas Book12
Crayola1975 JCPenney Christmas Book11
curtain1952 Sears Christmas Book51
Cycling1972 Sears Spring Summer Catalog51
daringAll Site5121
dazzle1982 JCPenney Christmas Book11
dazzle1982 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book31
doctor dolittleAll Site41
dolittleAll Site201
dolls1962 Sears Christmas Book201
dolls1963 Sears Christmas Book301
dolls1962 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book231
Dolls1965 Sears Christmas Book321
dolls1963 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book181
dolls1964 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book271
doolittleAll Site131
Dungeons1983 JCPenney Christmas Book91
Dungeons1983 Sears Christmas Book41
eroticAll Site191
exoticAll Site7371
Fabric1954 Sears Christmas Book831
Fisher PriceAll Site5131
ge1986 Sears Spring Summer Catalog621
Gi joe1987 Sears Christmas Book61
Girls1958 Sears Spring Summer Catalog841
Girls1960 Sears Spring Summer Catalog791
glamour1980 Sears Christmas Book21
glamour1983 Sears Christmas Book61
glamour1981 JCPenney Christmas Book41
glamour gals1982 Sears Christmas Book31
glamour gals1982 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book11
glamour gals1983 Sears Christmas Book21
glamour gals1983 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book11
glamour gals1981 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book11
glamour gals1981 Sears Christmas Book11
glamour gals1982 JCPenney Christmas Book11
glamour gals1983 JCPenney Christmas Book11
gumbyAll Site271
Hey taxi1975 JCPenney Christmas Book12
houses1963 Sears Spring Summer Catalog151
husky1986 JCPenney Christmas Book21
incontinentAll Site1191
Index1993 Sears Spring Summer Catalog251
Index1980 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog91
Index1989 Sears Home Annual Catalog111
Infants1954 Sears Christmas Book41
Jumper1942 Sears Fall Winter Catalog171
Juniors1982 Sears Christmas Book71
Kings Road1974 Sears Fall Winter Catalog41
Kings Road1975 Sears Christmas Book11
Kings road1976 Sears Fall Winter Catalog11
Kings road1975 Sears Fall Winter Catalog21
lamp1975 Sears Christmas Book161
lamp1959 Sears Spring Summer Catalog782
lawn mower1975 Sears Christmas Book11
light guardAll Site71
lionel1950 Sears Christmas Book31
lite alertAll Site301
Masters1987 Sears Christmas Book31
Masters1983 Sears Christmas Book61
mower1975 Sears Christmas Book11
night light1942 Sears Fall Winter Catalog21
nightlight1942 Sears Spring Summer Catalog11
nike1986 Sears Spring Summer Catalog51
nippleAll Site4551
Outdoor1982 Sears Spring Summer Catalog481
overalls1982 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book31
Panty1990 JCPenney Christmas Book32
Parker1958 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book41
Parker1958 Sears Spring Summer Catalog21
Pliers1993 Sears Spring Summer Catalog191
Pliers1973 Sears Spring Summer Catalog111
Pliers1972 Sears Spring Summer Catalog141
Pliers1989 Sears Home Annual Catalog101
Pliers1991 Sears Spring Summer Catalog71
Pliers1991 Sears Fall Winter Catalog71
Pliers1972 Sears Fall Winter Catalog121
record1961 Sears Fall Winter Catalog351
record1960 Sears Fall Winter Catalog292
robot1975 Sears Christmas Book11
robotechAll Site91
romanticAll Site13771
rowing1985 Sears Spring Summer Catalog61
saw1985 Sears Spring Summer Catalog271
Screwdriver1989 Sears Home Annual Catalog132
sega1991 Sears Spring Summer Catalog21
sensuousAll Site1241
Sesame street1975 JCPenney Christmas Book161
sewing machine1950 Sears Spring Summer Catalog111
sexyAll Site761
shaker1940 Sears Fall Winter Catalog251
sheerAll Site69121
sheer bustAll Site291
Shoes1972 JCPenney Christmas Book311
shower1952 Sears Christmas Book41
shower1953 Sears Christmas Book61
ski1981 JCPenney Christmas Book201
ski1982 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog141
ski1982 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book141
Snoopy1975 JCPenney Christmas Book161
snowpants1982 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book11
space1975 Sears Christmas Book381
Star Wars1983 Sears Christmas Book112
stereo1950 Sears Christmas Book11
stereo1975 Sears Christmas Book141
Stereo1976 Sears Christmas Book141
suspender1982 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book11
suspenders1982 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book11
sweater1986 Sears Christmas Book271
teen1986 Sears Christmas Book41
teens1971 Sears Spring Summer Catalog11
television1959 Sears Spring Summer Catalog171
television1975 Sears Christmas Book41
thongAll Site4031
Toaster1957 Sears Fall Winter Catalog71
Toaster1958 Sears Christmas Book51
Toaster1957 Sears Christmas Book41
Toaster1958 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book41
Toaster1958 Sears Fall Winter Catalog41
ToodlesAll Site171
tool1977 JCPenney Christmas Book261
tool1973 JCPenney Christmas Book311
tool1975 JCPenney Christmas Book321
tool1972 JCPenney Christmas Book271
tool1976 JCPenney Christmas Book283
tool1974 JCPenney Christmas Book381
townhouse1983 Sears Christmas Book11
Toys1960 Sears Spring Summer Catalog241
Toys1988 Sears Christmas Book561
Toys1970 Sears Christmas Book281
Toys1986 Sears Christmas Book631
Train set1953 Sears Christmas Book41
Train set1956 Sears Christmas Book31
Train set1951 Sears Christmas Book41
Train set1952 Sears Christmas Book32
Train set1955 Sears Christmas Book21
Train set1950 Sears Christmas Book41
Train set1954 Sears Christmas Book41
Train set1959 Sears Christmas Book41
Train set1957 Sears Christmas Book61
Train set1958 Sears Fall Winter Catalog11
Transformers1987 Sears Christmas Book11
triacetate1967 Sears Christmas Book61
typewriter1965 Sears Fall Winter Catalog91
typewriter1966 Sears Spring Summer Catalog121
typewriter1967 Sears Fall Winter Catalog91
typewriter1965 Sears Christmas Book82
typewriter1965 Sears Spring Summer Catalog81
Underwear1986 Sears Spring Summer Catalog171
Underwear1987 Sears Spring Summer Catalog121
Underwear1980 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog121
Updated1992 Sears Spring Summer Catalog91
volt1965 JCPenney Christmas Book181
volt1963 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog271
volt1964 JCPenney Christmas Book101
wet guardAll Site111
Winter Underwear1978 Sears Fall Winter Catalog31

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