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alarm1966 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book71
Alarm1968 Sears Spring Summer Catalog161
AM FM1973 Sears Spring Summer Catalog101
AM FM1974 Sears Fall Winter Catalog131
AM FM1974 Sears Spring Summer Catalog161
Atari1980 Sears Fall Winter Catalog21
Atari1981 JCPenney Christmas Book41
Atari1981 Sears Christmas Book41
bambiAll Site3421
board games1971 Sears Christmas Book11
Boat1970 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog421
bodysuits1977 Sears Spring Summer Catalog11
BootsAll Site50221
Bra1962 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book11
Camera1967 Sears Fall Winter Catalog242
camera1993 Sears Spring Summer Catalog111
car1965 Sears Christmas Book871
cat in the hatAll Site1121
chainsawsAll Site111
chatty cathyAll Site161
Chenille1997 JCPenney Christmas Book81
Clock1968 Sears Spring Summer Catalog171
Clock1966 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book181
demiAll Site5351
demi braAll Site141
dishwasher1979 Sears Spring Summer Catalog201
Dolls1962 Sears Christmas Book201
dragonAll Site5331
dress1980 Sears Fall Winter Catalog931
drill1945 Sears Fall Winter Catalog331
drill1946 Sears Christmas Book51
electric football1964 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book21
football1966 Sears Christmas Book131
games1971 Sears Christmas Book321
garter1960 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book21
garter1964 JCPenney Christmas Book11
Garter Belt1963 Sears Spring Summer Catalog41
Girls1972 Sears Fall Winter Catalog991
Glitter1997 JCPenney Christmas Book121
grass1970 Sears Spring Summer Catalog351
grass1958 Sears Fall Winter Catalog181
grass1965 Sears Spring Summer Catalog481
grass1957 Sears Spring Summer Catalog361
Grass seed1960 Sears Spring Summer Catalog11
grass seed1965 Sears Spring Summer Catalog42
Grass seed1963 Sears Spring Summer Catalog23
grass seeds1957 Sears Spring Summer Catalog11
Guitar1982 Sears Spring Summer Catalog81
guitar1973 Sears Spring Summer Catalog142
Guitar1980 Sears Fall Winter Catalog61
guitar1973 Sears Christmas Book81
guitarAll Site16011
Guitar1977 Sears Spring Summer Catalog91
guitar1973 Sears Fall Winter Catalog21
guitar1975 Sears Fall Winter Catalog72
Guitar1963 Sears Spring Summer Catalog91
guitar1972 Sears Fall Winter Catalog101
gun1968 Sears Christmas Book141
guns1968 Sears Christmas Book51
he man1984 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog871
Horse1972 Sears Fall Winter Catalog71
Juniors1997 JCPenney Christmas Book71
Juniors1996 JCPenney Christmas Book101
juniorsAll Site28311
lady kenmore1960 Sears Fall Winter Catalog101
Lamp1966 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book281
lamps1978 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book121
lawn1958 Sears Fall Winter Catalog451
Lingerie1992 Sears Fall Winter Catalog141
Lingerie1996 JCPenney Christmas Book21
Lingerie1991 Sears Spring Summer Catalog131
Lingerie1985 Sears Spring Summer Catalog141
Mattress cover1957 Sears Spring Summer Catalog41
Music1968 Sears Spring Summer Catalog121
order form1984 JCPenney Christmas Book41
order form1974 JCPenney Christmas Book211
order form1979 Sears Spring Summer Catalog11
Overall1997 JCPenney Christmas Book111
panty1971 Sears Spring Summer Catalog381
panty1970 Sears Christmas Book131
peter panAll Site12191
Playskool1975 Sears Christmas Book33
playskool1976 Sears Christmas Book21
Playskool1974 Sears Christmas Book32
Playskool1972 Sears Christmas Book21
playskool1973 Sears Christmas Book21
playskool1970 Sears Christmas Book21
playskool1977 Sears Christmas Book12
plunge braAll Site1171
popeyeAll Site2641
radio1973 Sears Fall Winter Catalog191
radio1973 Sears Spring Summer Catalog301
radio1972 Sears Fall Winter Catalog331
radio1972 Sears Christmas Book201
radios1974 Sears Fall Winter Catalog121
radios1986 Sears Spring Summer Catalog71
Reel1967 Sears Fall Winter Catalog251
robin hoodAll Site1731
seed1965 Sears Spring Summer Catalog231
sewing1970 Sears Spring Summer Catalog261
sewing1972 Sears Fall Winter Catalog391
sewing1969 Sears Fall Winter Catalog281
sewing1971 Sears Fall Winter Catalog331
sewing1960 Sears Fall Winter Catalog441
shadows of the empireAll Site61
Sheet1969 Sears Spring Summer Catalog551
Shoes1997 JCPenney Christmas Book361
skate1965 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog111
skate1966 Sears Christmas Book121
skate1966 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book81
skate1965 JCPenney Christmas Book51
skate board1966 Sears Christmas Book11
Skateboard1978 Sears Fall Winter Catalog22
Skateboard1979 Sears Christmas Book12
stereo1974 Sears Fall Winter Catalog252
stereo1972 Sears Spring Summer Catalog301
stereo1979 Sears Fall Winter Catalog291
Stereo1972 Sears Fall Winter Catalog281
StirrupsAll Site6731
swim1985 Sears Spring Summer Catalog61
table1974 Sears Fall Winter Catalog1621
Tape1968 Sears Spring Summer Catalog611
Teen1996 JCPenney Christmas Book22
Teen1997 JCPenney Christmas Book21
television1979 Sears Spring Summer Catalog91
television1985 Sears Fall Winter Catalog51
televisions1986 Sears Spring Summer Catalog21
Timex1974 Sears Christmas Book42
Timex1977 JCPenney Christmas Book31
Timex1974 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book41
Timex1977 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book62
Timex1974 JCPenney Christmas Book11
Timex1974 Sears Fall Winter Catalog31
Timex1977 Sears Fall Winter Catalog41
Timex1974 Sears Spring Summer Catalog11
Timex1975 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog41
Timex1975 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book51
tool1946 Sears Christmas Book141
toy1963 Sears Christmas Book401
toys1966 Sears Christmas Book491
toys1964 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book721
toys1965 Sears Christmas Book511
trains1956 Sears Christmas Book61
tv1985 Sears Fall Winter Catalog661
Vcr1980 Sears Fall Winter Catalog101
Workshop1992 JCPenney Christmas Book191

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