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General Information
This website has been created to freely share with the world an archive of collected Christmas Catalogs and Holiday Wishbooks, from the retail department stores of Sears, Montgomery Ward and JCPenney. Seasonal department store catalogs such as Sears Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter editions are also being steadily added to this website to build on the existing collection of Christmas Catalogs. All catalogs, catalog images and content featured on this website are from a privately-owned catalog collection. The catalog images presented on this website have not been copied nor taken from any other Internet website or similar resource. Simply stated, this website is another resource for Internet visitors to browse and enjoy, and will always remain an ongoing, free and independent creative effort.

Technical Information
This website is powered by Microsoft technologies in combination with Microsoft's Azure Cloud. The latest generation of Windows Server, Microsoft.NET and SQL Server comprise the foundation and technology stack of the website. All components are fully virtualized, designed to be portable and scalable to run concurrently on multiple servers in cloud datacenters and on-premise.

Each catalog image on the website has been scanned and processed through an open-souce Tesseract-based optical character recognition application, using up to two dozen virtual machines in a custom-built server farm for parallel processing. The text extracted from each catalog image is incorporated into the database and made available to the search engine on this website. All catalog images shown are dynamically scaled and rendered in real-time from the database with each page request.

Thank you for visiting this website. Enjoy it and please feel free to share!

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