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General Information
This website has been created to freely share with the world an archive of collected vintage Christmas Catalogs from the retail department stores of Sears, Montgomery Ward and JCPenney. The "Big Book" Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter Seasonal Catalog editions are also being steadily added to this website to build on the collection of Christmas Catalogs. The catalogs featured on this website have been gathered over many years, and are from privately-owned catalog collections. While there are many other Internet websites featuring catalog collections, one of the aims of this website is to showcase and present vintage catalog content in a new and different way. This website is another resource for Internet visitors to browse and enjoy, and will always remain an ongoing, free and independent creative effort.

Catalog Pages & Numbering
Every attempt has been made to preserve and present on this website the catalogs in as much of their entirety as possible. Due to ages and varying conditions of the collected catalogs, there are instances where various catalogs shown on this website will have some pages that are:
  • weathered, worn or ripped
  • dog-eared, creased or folded
  • discolored, blemished or stained
  • containing handwriting or markings by previous owners
  • skewed, mis-aligned, distorted or out-of-orientation
  • partial, incomplete or missing
Also, the catalog page numbering (as reflected in this site's URLs) does not always equal the actual scanned catalog page number (as on the printed page). This is mostly due to instances of missing pages, catalog inserts with different or no numbering, out-of-order pages, or even the catalog itself not having contiguously numbered pages.

Thank you for visiting this website. Enjoy!

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