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Our Challenge:

In recent months there have been many requests by website visitors, asking if it is possible to purchase the catalogs seen on this website in some fashion or format. This website was created with the intent to always freely share its content, and that will never change. That said, this website also has its limitations -- there is no ability to download large amounts of content (bandwidth limitations) and no capability to show the highest resolution images (storage size restrictions).

To give an example of how much data there is in all these catalog images, the raw total size of all the images in over 200 catalogs is more than 1000 Gigabytes (1 Terabyte). In order to have the catalog images work more efficiently on this website, the large, original images (scanned in natively at 300 dots per inch) have been highly reduced in size and image resolution, so that this website can serve them quickly to thousands of website visitors every day.

What's the difference between catalog images seen on this website versus what is offered in the downloadable catalog PDFs at the store? Below are two links to show the difference in size with the same image. Note the difference in the size and clarity of the page text at the bottom of each image (links just below will open a new browser tab of just an image only)

  1. Average image size seen on this website: Click here
  2. Average image size in the downloadable PDFs from the store: Click here
For each image, zoom in to see the difference in detail. Compare the resolution of the smallest text at the bottom of each image.

Our Solution:

To address the desires and wishes of those wanting to see or have the catalogs in higher resolution and larger image format, the online store was created to offer a way for anyone to easily and quickly obtain them.

Click here to visit our online catalog store!

Free Catalog PDF Samples:

The links below are to some sample PDF catalogs (showing selected pages), to give an idea of what is available for purchase at our online store.

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