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Atari1982 Sears Christmas Book111
Atari1985 Sears Spring Summer Catalog61
atlas1969 Sears Fall Winter Catalog41
aurora1969 Sears Fall Winter Catalog31
Baby doll1990 Sears Christmas Book61
Barbie1969 Sears Christmas Book61
Barbie1971 Sears Christmas Book101
Barbie1969 JCPenney Christmas Book81
Barbie1969 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book51
belt1986 JCPenney Spring Summer Catalog1731
bicycleAll Site27771
bicycles1971 Sears Spring Summer Catalog51
bicycles1972 Sears Fall Winter Catalog71
bicycles1973 Sears Spring Summer Catalog91
bicycles1971 Sears Fall Winter Catalog61
bicycles1973 Sears Fall Winter Catalog81
bike1958 Sears Spring Summer Catalog151
bike1957 Sears Spring Summer Catalog131
bike1961 Sears Spring Summer Catalog201
bike1960 Sears Spring Summer Catalog191
bike1959 Sears Spring Summer Catalog171
Bikini1971 Sears Spring Summer Catalog121
Blanket sleeper1991 JCPenney Christmas Book31
Blanket sleeper1991 Sears Christmas Book31
Blanket sleeper1991 Sears Fall Winter Catalog21
Blanket sleepers1989 Sears Christmas Book31
boots1971 Sears Fall Winter Catalog621
boots1950 Sears Spring Summer Catalog281
boots1973 Sears Fall Winter Catalog351
boots1971 Sears Spring Summer Catalog281
boots1973 Sears Spring Summer Catalog391
boys1963 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog1151
Bra2004 JCPenney Christmas Book41
bra1970 Sears Fall Winter Catalog871
bra1966 Sears Spring Summer Catalog442
bra1966 Sears Christmas Book151
Bra2005 JCPenney Spring Summer Catalog541
Bra2003 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog361
bride1971 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog21
bride1975 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog11
Bride1957 Sears Christmas Book51
bride1963 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog21
bride1972 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog11
bride1963 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog51
bride1980 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog11
Camera1964 JCPenney Christmas Book41
Camera1964 JCPenney Spring Summer Catalog202
Camera1964 Sears Spring Summer Catalog201
Camera1964 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog251
Camera1964 Sears Fall Winter Catalog181
Camera1964 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog191
car set1970 Sears Christmas Book31
car set1967 Sears Christmas Book11
car set1969 JCPenney Christmas Book41
carpet1975 Sears Spring Summer Catalog (Canada)321
cart1960 Sears Christmas Book161
Christmas catalog1986 JCPenney Christmas Book11
Chrome1995 JCPenney Christmas Book212
clamp1970 Sears Spring Summer Catalog371
Clippers1964 Sears Spring Summer Catalog72
Clippers1964 Sears Fall Winter Catalog61
Clippers1967 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog71
Clippers1964 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog81
Clippers1964 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog81
Clippers1966 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog51
Coat1971 Sears Fall Winter Catalog1261
Coat1969 Sears Fall Winter Catalog941
Coat1970 Sears Fall Winter Catalog1371
Coffee table1977 Sears Christmas Book11
Colgate1950 Sears Spring Summer Catalog11
Colgate1940 Sears Spring Summer Catalog21
curtains1959 Sears Fall Winter Catalog581
Deodorant1940 Sears Spring Summer Catalog111
Dining1999 Sears Christmas Book31
Dining2000 Sears Christmas Book21
Dining room1977 Sears Christmas Book21
Dining table2000 JCPenney Spring Summer Catalog51
Dining Table2000 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog62
doll1966 Sears Christmas Book421
Doll house1954 Sears Christmas Book11
dolls1966 JCPenney Christmas Book321
dolls1966 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book251
Dolls1964 Sears Christmas Book411
dolls1964 Sears Spring Summer Catalog21
dolls1965 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book261
dolls1967 JCPenney Christmas Book231
dolls1965 Sears Christmas Book321
dolls1965 JCPenney Christmas Book301
dolls1966 Sears Christmas Book282
drafting1971 Sears Christmas Book31
drafting1968 Sears Fall Winter Catalog12
drafting1971 Sears Fall Winter Catalog21
Engagement Rings1970 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog11
exercise1976 Sears Spring Summer Catalog161
exercise1971 JCPenney Christmas Book41
Flats1959 Sears Fall Winter Catalog41
Footed1991 Sears Christmas Book11
Footed1991 Sears Fall Winter Catalog21
Footed1991 JCPenney Christmas Book11
Fort1955 Sears Christmas Book111
Furniture1975 Sears Spring Summer Catalog591
Furniture2000 JCPenney Spring Summer Catalog1751
game gearAll Site261
Girdle1948 Sears Fall Winter Catalog201
girls1957 Sears Spring Summer Catalog751
girls1959 Sears Spring Summer Catalog761
girls1963 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog1031
gloves1973 Sears Spring Summer Catalog111
gloves1971 Sears Fall Winter Catalog301
guitar1956 Sears Spring Summer Catalog111
guitar1956 Sears Fall Winter Catalog151
guitar1956 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog91
guitar1956 Sears Christmas Book21
guitar1950 Sears Spring Summer Catalog151
guitars1956 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog31
Hair1940 Sears Spring Summer Catalog811
hammer1959 Sears Fall Winter Catalog271
hose1971 Sears Spring Summer Catalog811
husky1959 Sears Spring Summer Catalog201
index1984 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog111
Intercom1968 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog41
Jewelry1970 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog1051
Jewelry1970 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book371
Jewelry1963 Sears Fall Winter Catalog121
Juniors1968 Sears Fall Winter Catalog291
Kodak1964 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book21
leather belt1986 JCPenney Spring Summer Catalog41
lego1971 Sears Fall Winter Catalog11
locking1958 Sears Fall Winter Catalog721
maternity1963 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog151
maternity1963 Sears Spring Summer Catalog221
maternity1969 Sears Fall Winter Catalog141
maternity1969 Sears Spring Summer Catalog141
maternity1972 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog121
maternity1975 Sears Spring Summer Catalog111
maternity1977 Sears Spring Summer Catalog101
maternity1979 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog181
maternity1962 Sears Fall Winter Catalog201
maternity1964 Sears Spring Summer Catalog201
maternity1967 Sears Fall Winter Catalog201
maternity1980 Sears Spring Summer Catalog81
maternity1982 JCPenney Spring Summer Catalog201
maternity1992 Sears Spring Summer Catalog141
maternity1959 Sears Fall Winter Catalog181
maternity1959 Sears Spring Summer Catalog141
maternity1961 Sears Spring Summer Catalog161
maternity1970 Sears Spring Summer Catalog141
maternity1972 Sears Fall Winter Catalog161
maternity1977 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog101
maternity1958 Sears Fall Winter Catalog181
maternity1964 Sears Fall Winter Catalog201
maternity1968 Sears Fall Winter Catalog91
maternity1969 Sears Summer Catalog31
maternity1974 Sears Spring Summer Catalog111
maternity1975 Sears Fall Winter Catalog101
maternity1986 Sears Fall Winter Catalog181
maternity1989 Sears Style Catalog131
maternity1960 Sears Fall Winter Catalog151
maternity1961 Sears Fall Winter Catalog191
maternity1968 Sears Spring Summer Catalog 2211
maternity1970 Sears Fall Winter Catalog181
maternity1985 Sears Fall Winter Catalog111
maternity1986 Sears Spring Summer Catalog161
maternity1997 JCPenney Spring Summer Catalog182
maternity1962 Sears Spring Summer Catalog161
maternity1966 Sears Fall Winter Catalog181
maternity1968 Sears Spring Summer Catalog131
maternity1969 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog151
maternity1972 Sears Spring Summer Catalog201
maternity1975 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog111
maternity1979 Sears Spring Summer Catalog121
maternity1983 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog131
maternity1985 Sears Spring Summer Catalog151
maternity1992 Sears Fall Winter Catalog131
maternity1960 Sears Spring Summer Catalog211
maternity1966 Sears Spring Summer Catalog211
maternity1968 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog141
maternity1971 Sears Fall Winter Catalog191
maternity1973 Sears Spring Summer Catalog191
maternity1994 JCPenney Spring Summer Catalog201
maternity1962 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog171
maternity1963 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog201
maternity1964 JCPenney Spring Summer Catalog141
maternity1965 Sears Spring Summer Catalog121
maternity1966 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog131
maternity1980 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog21
maternity1980 Sears Fall Winter Catalog51
maternity1984 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog81
maternity1984 Sears Fall Winter Catalog51
maternity1985 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog31
maternity1986 JCPenney Spring Summer Catalog151
maternity1990 Sears Style Catalog Volume 351
maternity1991 Sears Spring Summer Catalog71
maternity1964 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog181
maternity1964 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog141
maternity1967 Sears Spring Summer Catalog191
maternity1978 Sears Spring Summer Catalog111
maternity1987 Sears Spring Summer Catalog171
maternity1966 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog161
maternity1967 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog151
maternity1970 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog141
maternity1971 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog191
maternity1971 Sears Spring Summer Catalog151
maternity1977 Sears Fall Winter Catalog141
maternity1982 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog111
maternity1982 Sears Fall Winter Catalog41
maternity1982 Sears Spring Summer Catalog91
maternity1984 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog141
maternity1984 Sears Spring Summer Catalog101
maternity1987 Sears Fall Winter Catalog121
maternity1990 Sears Fall Winter Style Catalog61
maternity1993 Sears Spring Summer Catalog181
maternity1963 Sears Fall Winter Catalog181
maternity1965 Sears Fall Winter Catalog201
maternity1973 Sears Fall Winter Catalog91
maternity1979 Sears Fall Winter Catalog91
maternity1983 Sears Fall Winter Catalog121
maternity1983 Sears Spring Summer Catalog91
maternity1990 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog91
maternity1991 Sears Fall Winter Catalog81
maternity1996 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog181
maternity1965 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog131
maternity1966 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog161
maternity1974 Sears Fall Winter Catalog111
maternity1978 Sears Fall Winter Catalog101
maternity1980 JCPenney Spring Summer Catalog191
maternity1982 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog121
maternity1984 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog81
maternity1988 Sears Fall Winter Catalog211
maternity1988 Sears Spring Summer Catalog131
maternity1992 JCPenney Spring Summer Catalog192
maternity clothes1994 JCPenney Spring Summer Catalog11
Mattress1949 Sears Spring Summer Catalog321
Mattress cover1945 Sears Spring Summer Catalog21
Mattress cover1949 Sears Fall Winter Catalog21
Maxi1970 Sears Fall Winter Catalog371
mcs1982 JCPenney Spring Summer Catalog51
mcs1983 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog63
mcs1983 JCPenney Christmas Book31
mcs1985 JCPenney Christmas Book31
mcs1982 JCPenney Christmas Book31
mcs1984 JCPenney Christmas Book41
mcs1984 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog31
Microwave1977 Sears Christmas Book61
mower1967 Sears Fall Winter Catalog231
mower1968 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog191
mower1966 Sears Fall Winter Catalog201
mower1969 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog71
mower1964 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog211
mower1966 Sears Spring Summer Catalog261
mph1960 Sears Christmas Book31
Mum1940 Sears Spring Summer Catalog241
Nail1940 Sears Spring Summer Catalog381
nintendo1995 Sears Christmas Book51
nintendo1995 JCPenney Christmas Book71
nylon1961 Sears Fall Winter Catalog4671
Page 2441970 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog11
Panties1970 Sears Spring Summer Catalog201
peasant1976 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book11
peasant1972 Sears Fall Winter Catalog31
peasant1972 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog81
peasant1976 Sears Fall Winter Catalog11
phonograph1989 Sears Home Annual Catalog11
Phonographs1979 Sears Christmas Book61
Plaid1968 Sears Spring Summer Catalog691
Plaid1974 Sears Fall Winter Catalog1241
Plastic soles1990 Sears Fall Winter Style Catalog11
Platform1977 Sears Spring Summer Catalog341
platform1988 Sears Spring Summer Catalog331
Platform1974 Sears Fall Winter Catalog221
platform1987 Sears Spring Summer Catalog211
pliers1958 Sears Fall Winter Catalog221
Pomade1940 Sears Spring Summer Catalog21
Pool1971 Sears Spring Summer Catalog261
Pool1967 Sears Spring Summer Catalog251
Princess1990 JCPenney Christmas Book151
radio1965 Sears Spring Summer Catalog421
radio1966 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book211
Reebok1987 JCPenney Christmas Book11
Rings1970 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog642
Rings1969 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book221
Rings1970 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book272
sandal1988 Sears Spring Summer Catalog42
sandal1991 Sears Spring Summer Catalog31
sandal1985 Sears Spring Summer Catalog81
sandal1942 Sears Spring Summer Catalog171
sandal1987 Sears Spring Summer Catalog41
sandal1986 JCPenney Spring Summer Catalog171
sandal1992 JCPenney Spring Summer Catalog71
Sandals1977 Sears Spring Summer Catalog121
Sandals1974 Sears Fall Winter Catalog41
segaAll Site3471
sewing1977 Sears Spring Summer Catalog271
sewing1976 Sears Spring Summer Catalog291
sewing1978 Sears Fall Winter Catalog282
sewing1977 Sears Christmas Book111
sewing1978 Sears Spring Summer Catalog262
sewing machine1948 Sears Fall Winter Catalog111
Shaving1958 Sears Spring Summer Catalog91
Shaving1940 Sears Spring Summer Catalog211
Shoes1974 JCPenney Christmas Book371
Shoes1988 Sears Fall Winter Catalog681
Shoes1959 Sears Fall Winter Catalog1221
Shoes1971 Sears Fall Winter Catalog1181
Shoes1968 Sears Spring Summer Catalog731
Shoes1971 Sears Spring Summer Catalog721
Shoes1968 Sears Fall Winter Catalog691
Shoes1974 Sears Fall Winter Catalog1181
Shoes1989 Sears Style Catalog421
shower curtains1959 Sears Fall Winter Catalog41
silverware1959 Sears Fall Winter Catalog131
Slip1972 Sears Fall Winter Catalog1441
Slip1950 Sears Spring Summer Catalog1701
Slip1969 JCPenney Christmas Book261
Slip1975 Sears Spring Summer Catalog1491
Slip1958 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book461
Slip1977 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog1081
Slip1972 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog1171
Slip1982 Sears Spring Summer Catalog1211
Slip1964 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog2171
Slip2003 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog761
Slip1981 Sears Spring Summer Catalog1202
Slip1946 Sears Christmas Book331
Slips1981 Sears Spring Summer Catalog411
Sofa1974 Sears Spring Summer Catalog221
Sofa1974 Sears Fall Winter Catalog241
Speedo1975 Sears Spring Summer Catalog (Canada)11
super nintendo1994 Sears Christmas Book (Canada)21
Swimwear1970 Sears Spring Summer Catalog31
Table2000 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog1142
table1999 Sears Christmas Book241
Table2001 JCPenney Spring Summer Catalog1291
tammy doll1964 JCPenney Christmas Book11
teens1969 Sears Spring Summer Catalog121
telescope1969 Sears Fall Winter Catalog51
telescope1971 Sears Christmas Book41
telescope1971 Sears Fall Winter Catalog31
Tennis1981 Sears Fall Winter Catalog111
tights1940 Sears Spring Summer Catalog11
tile1971 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog241
tile1975 Sears Spring Summer Catalog331
tile1973 Sears Fall Winter Catalog411
tile1975 Sears Spring Summer Catalog (Canada)191
tiles1975 Sears Spring Summer Catalog (Canada)101
tiles1975 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog241
Toe caps1989 Sears Christmas Book11
tool kit1959 Sears Fall Winter Catalog51
towncraft1964 JCPenney Christmas Book51
towncraft1966 JCPenney Christmas Book211
towncraft1969 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog781
towncraft1965 JCPenney Christmas Book211
towncraft1966 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog911
towncraft1971 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog211
towncraft1963 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog611
towncraft1971 JCPenney Christmas Book11
towncraft1970 JCPenney Christmas Book11
towncraft1969 JCPenney Christmas Book181
towncraft1967 JCPenney Christmas Book141
towncraft1964 JCPenney Spring Summer Catalog361
towncraft1968 JCPenney Christmas Book191
Toys1992 Sears Fall Winter Catalog71
toys1977 Sears Christmas Book381
toys1972 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book311
toys1980 Sears Christmas Book371
Toys1970 Sears Fall Winter Catalog111
training1966 Sears Spring Summer Catalog111
transistor radio1965 Sears Spring Summer Catalog11
TV1976 JCPenney Christmas Book442
TV1977 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book401
TV1977 Sears Christmas Book601
Underwear1963 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog171
Vaseline1940 Sears Spring Summer Catalog41
veil1977 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog21
veil1982 JCPenney Spring Summer Catalog61
veil1984 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog31
veil1990 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog101
veil1942 Sears Fall Winter Catalog161
veil1980 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog11
veil1975 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog21
veil1981 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog21
veil1984 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog71
veil1980 JCPenney Spring Summer Catalog21
veil1983 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog71
veil1986 JCPenney Spring Summer Catalog92
Vinyl soles1991 Sears Fall Winter Catalog61
Vinyl soles1990 Sears Fall Winter Style Catalog31
Vinyl soles1991 JCPenney Christmas Book11
washer1972 Sears Fall Winter Catalog301
washer1972 Sears Spring Summer Catalog361
washer1969 Sears Fall Winter Catalog321
washer1971 Sears Fall Winter Catalog461
washer1973 Sears Fall Winter Catalog202
washer1974 Sears Fall Winter Catalog311
washer1968 Sears Fall Winter Catalog302
washer1970 Sears Fall Winter Catalog441
wedding1972 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog101
wedding1958 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book71
wedding1959 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book51
wedding1962 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog111
wedding1956 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog101
Wedding rings1957 Sears Spring Summer Catalog41
Western1975 JCPenney Christmas Book251
Winter underwear1978 Sears Fall Winter Catalog31
women1972 JCPenney Christmas Book81
women1972 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog291
wood1975 Sears Spring Summer Catalog (Canada)1341
Wyatt earp1974 JCPenney Christmas Book11

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