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Ansco1956 Sears Christmas Book11
Ansco1956 Sears Fall Winter Catalog31
art1979 Sears Christmas Book311
Atari1983 Sears Fall Winter Catalog61
baby1959 Sears Fall Winter Catalog921
baby1959 Sears Spring Summer Catalog901
baby1960 Sears Fall Winter Catalog831
baby1961 Sears Fall Winter Catalog771
baby1965 Sears Fall Winter Catalog411
baby1969 Sears Spring Summer Catalog651
baby1975 JCPenney Christmas Book221
baby1975 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog262
baby1975 Sears Christmas Book311
baby1975 Sears Fall Winter Catalog381
baby1975 Sears Spring Summer Catalog441
baby1976 JCPenney Christmas Book291
baby1976 Sears Christmas Book241
baby1976 Sears Fall Winter Catalog431
baby1976 Sears Spring Summer Catalog381
baby1977 JCPenney Christmas Book261
baby1977 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book161
baby1977 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog271
baby1977 Sears Christmas Book221
baby1977 Sears Fall Winter Catalog421
baby1977 Sears Spring Summer Catalog452
baby1978 Sears Fall Winter Catalog511
baby1978 Sears Spring Summer Catalog522
baby1979 Sears Christmas Book261
baby1979 Sears Spring Summer Catalog481
baby dolls1979 Sears Christmas Book11
Barney1992 JCPenney Christmas Book41
Bear1984 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book271
Bedspread1983 Sears Fall Winter Catalog371
Bedspread1983 Sears Spring Summer Catalog371
Bedspread1984 Sears Spring Summer Catalog231
Bedspread1985 Sears Spring Summer Catalog331
Bedspreads1983 Sears Fall Winter Catalog81
Belt1986 Sears Fall Winter Catalog1251
bib1981 Sears Spring Summer Catalog241
bicycleAll Site21101
Bicycles1969 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book11
Bike1972 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book121
Bike1982 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book101
Bikes1965 Sears Spring Summer Catalog111
boat1948 Sears Fall Winter Catalog161
boat1949 Sears Christmas Book71
boat1960 Sears Spring Summer Catalog651
Boots1945 Sears Fall Winter Catalog121
Boys1976 Sears Fall Winter Catalog841
Boys1976 Sears Spring Summer Catalog561
bras1965 Sears Christmas Book51
Bras1969 Sears Spring Summer Catalog711
Bras1970 Sears Spring Summer Catalog511
brass buttonsAll Site1301
brassieres1965 Sears Christmas Book11
Camcorder1993 Sears Spring Summer Catalog101
camping1975 Sears Christmas Book91
Candy1965 Sears Christmas Book291
Candy1967 JCPenney Christmas Book121
Candy1969 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book131
Candy1971 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book141
Candy1972 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book201
casioAll Site2441
CD1992 JCPenney Christmas Book311
clinton1972 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog21
clinton1978 Sears Spring Summer Catalog21
colecoAll Site1391
Cosmetic1972 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog51
Cosmetic1975 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog81
Cosmetic1977 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog21
craftsman1975 Sears Fall Winter Catalog451
denim dressAll Site201
dinghy1961 Sears Spring Summer Catalog31
Dining room1951 Sears Fall Winter Catalog361
dolls1979 Sears Christmas Book311
domed buttonsAll Site51
dorset1972 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog21
double breasted blazerAll Site552
double breasted brass buttonsAll Site11
elvis1956 Sears Fall Winter Catalog11
fans1956 Sears Spring Summer Catalog241
First braAll Site311
Fisher Price1991 JCPenney Christmas Book31
Fisher Price1991 Sears Christmas Book61
Fisher Price1992 JCPenney Christmas Book51
grill1949 Sears Spring Summer Catalog222
grill1955 Sears Spring Summer Catalog121
grill1957 Sears Fall Winter Catalog151
grill1957 Sears Spring Summer Catalog141
grill1958 Sears Christmas Book61
grill1958 Sears Spring Summer Catalog171
grill1959 Sears Spring Summer Catalog261
grill1964 Sears Spring Summer Catalog81
grill1965 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog51
grill1966 Sears Spring Summer Catalog91
Hair1975 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog211
Hair1980 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog51
Hewlett PackardAll Site111
Hot wheels1978 Sears Christmas Book41
HPAll Site110731
HP LaserJetAll Site11
Jeans1986 Sears Fall Winter Catalog491
kings roadAll Site471
lantern1974 Sears Fall Winter Catalog61
lantern1974 Sears Spring Summer Catalog61
lantern1975 Sears Christmas Book31
lantern1975 Sears Spring Summer Catalog51
LingerieAll Site18761
Mini dressAll Site781
MinidressAll Site51
Mirror1972 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog381
Mirror1975 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog361
Mirror1977 Montgomery Ward Spring Summer Catalog281
Mirror1980 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog71
NintendoAll Site2831
oven1966 Sears Spring Summer Catalog552
oven1967 Sears Spring Summer Catalog461
panties1965 JCPenney Christmas Book121
pantyAll Site33531
peanut1948 Sears Fall Winter Catalog11
peanut1949 Sears Christmas Book21
peanut1960 Sears Spring Summer Catalog31
peanut1961 Sears Spring Summer Catalog11
Refrigerator1993 Sears Spring Summer Catalog241
Rocking chair1985 JCPenney Christmas Book51
round collarAll Site3641
sailing1948 Sears Fall Winter Catalog11
Sewing1973 Sears Fall Winter Catalog251
Sewing1974 Sears Christmas Book131
Sewing1974 Sears Fall Winter Catalog371
Sewing1974 Sears Spring Summer Catalog312
Sewing1975 Sears Fall Winter Catalog342
Sewing1975 Sears Spring Summer Catalog323
sewing machine1971 Sears Spring Summer Catalog141
sewing machine1972 Sears Christmas Book11
sewing machine1972 Sears Fall Winter Catalog141
sewing machine1972 Sears Spring Summer Catalog171
sewing machine1973 Sears Christmas Book41
sewing machine1973 Sears Spring Summer Catalog171
sewing machine1974 Sears Fall Winter Catalog131
sewing machine1974 Sears Spring Summer Catalog111
sewing machine1975 Sears Spring Summer Catalog111
shotguns1956 Sears Christmas Book31
shotguns1960 Sears Fall Winter Catalog71
shotguns1962 Sears Fall Winter Catalog71
shotguns1963 Sears Fall Winter Catalog51
shotguns1964 Sears Fall Winter Catalog51
shotguns1965 Sears Fall Winter Catalog51
sleeping bag1969 Sears Spring Summer Catalog61
Sneakers1986 Sears Fall Winter Catalog12
solid state1968 JCPenney Christmas Book121
stereo1990 Sears Christmas Book461
studio 25All Site11
studio easeAll Site21
suede jacketAll Site791
suspender1981 Sears Spring Summer Catalog41
suspenders1981 Sears Spring Summer Catalog61
TeenAll Site31391
Teen braAll Site221
tele1965 JCPenney Christmas Book11
Television1962 Sears Fall Winter Catalog291
television1965 JCPenney Christmas Book61
Television1965 Sears Christmas Book61
television1965 Sears Fall Winter Catalog141
television1965 Sears Spring Summer Catalog101
television1966 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book51
television1966 Sears Christmas Book81
television1966 Sears Fall Winter Catalog191
Television1966 Sears Spring Summer Catalog191
Television1998 Sears Christmas Book81
tent1969 Sears Spring Summer Catalog371
Tent1971 Sears Fall Winter Catalog261
Tent1971 Sears Spring Summer Catalog212
thongAll Site4031
tools1970 Sears Christmas Book201
toys1979 Sears Christmas Book411
underwear1961 Sears Spring Summer Catalog221
Underwear1992 Sears Spring Summer Catalog151
VHS1991 JCPenney Christmas Book91
VHS1991 Sears Christmas Book241
watch1970 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book351
watch1971 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book381
Watch1975 Sears Spring Summer Catalog191
watch1979 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book381
watches1968 JCPenney Christmas Book71
watches1970 Sears Spring Summer Catalog91
Western1945 Sears Fall Winter Catalog201
Winnie The Pooh1991 JCPenney Christmas Book21
X151965 Sears Christmas Book41

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