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Below are calculated results of what website visitors have been searching for and finding between 8/15/2022 (two days ago) and 8/16/2022 (one day ago).

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Air1954 Sears Spring Summer Catalog2361
Alarm clock1960 Sears Fall Winter Catalog11
apacheAll Site2101
apache helicopterAll Site51
Appliance1951 Sears Spring Summer Catalog231
barbieAll Site12521
Bicycles1972 Sears Christmas Book11
Bicycles1972 Sears Fall Winter Catalog71
bikini briefsAll Site461
bra1990 Sears Style Catalog31
bra1991 Sears Spring Summer Catalog571
bra1992 Sears Spring Summer Catalog551
bra1993 Sears Spring Summer Catalog641
bra1996 JCPenney Christmas Book11
bra1996 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog341
bra1996 Sears Christmas Book41
bra2011 Sears Christmas Book11
bras1992 Sears Fall Winter Catalog271
bras1994 JCPenney Christmas Book11
cake cover1959 Sears Spring Summer Catalog12
cake cover1960 Sears Fall Winter Catalog21
cake cover1960 Sears Spring Summer Catalog21
Camp1976 Sears Spring Summer Catalog291
Camping1976 Sears Spring Summer Catalog191
Canister1960 Sears Fall Winter Catalog62
canister1960 Sears Spring Summer Catalog61
cars1981 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book251
Cement1961 Sears Spring Summer Catalog511
Cement1962 Sears Spring Summer Catalog552
Cement1970 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book21
Cement1980 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book21
Cement1981 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book21
Cement1982 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book11
Cement1985 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog31
Cement1987 Sears Christmas Book21
cement1990 JCPenney Christmas Book21
cement1990 Sears Christmas Book21
Cement mixer1961 Sears Spring Summer Catalog21
Cement mixer1962 Sears Spring Summer Catalog21
Chicken1976 Sears Spring Summer Catalog31
Chicken1977 Sears Christmas Book51
Chicken1977 Sears Fall Winter Catalog61
coat1947 Sears Christmas Book241
Concrete mixer1961 Sears Spring Summer Catalog11
Dehumidifier1956 Sears Spring Summer Catalog11
Dehumidifier1957 Sears Spring Summer Catalog11
Diamond1942 Sears Fall Winter Catalog441
Diamond1942 Sears Spring Summer Catalog501
Doll1966 Sears Christmas Book422
Doll1967 Sears Christmas Book412
Doll1968 Sears Christmas Book452
dolls1967 Sears Christmas Book241
games1945 Sears Christmas Book121
games1957 Sears Christmas Book201
Gas1975 JCPenney Christmas Book151
Gas1983 JCPenney Christmas Book161
Gas1984 Sears Christmas Book201
Gas1985 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book111
Gas1985 Sears Christmas Book151
GI joeAll Site2211
girls2011 Sears Christmas Book61
Glasses1948 Sears Fall Winter Catalog261
guitarAll Site17441
hand sewn1960 Sears Spring Summer Catalog41
Hat1942 Sears Spring Summer Catalog942
Horse1985 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book111
hover1991 Sears Christmas Book11
Hurricane1966 Sears Spring Summer Catalog51
ice cream scoop1951 Sears Fall Winter Catalog11
Juniors1978 Sears Spring Summer Catalog181
Kirk1975 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book21
Kirk1976 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book21
KleinertsAll Site131
lingerie1992 Sears Fall Winter Catalog141
lingerie1996 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog261
lingerie2011 Sears Christmas Book11
Lionel1952 Sears Christmas Book41
longbowAll Site21
Matching pantiesAll Site1492
Maternity1963 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog141
Maternity1980 Sears Fall Winter Catalog51
Maternity1982 Sears Spring Summer Catalog91
Merry mushroom1976 Sears Spring Summer Catalog11
Merry mushroom1977 Sears Christmas Book51
Mixer1970 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book41
Mixer1980 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book51
Mixer1981 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book61
Mixer1982 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book31
Mixer1985 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book31
mixer1985 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog31
Mixer1987 Sears Christmas Book71
mixer1990 JCPenney Christmas Book31
mixer1990 Sears Christmas Book61
mixer1991 Sears Christmas Book41
mixer1992 JCPenney Christmas Book61
Mixer2004 JCPenney Christmas Book41
Moped1979 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book11
mushroom1976 Sears Fall Winter Catalog51
Mushroom1977 Sears Fall Winter Catalog101
My little pony1984 JCPenney Christmas Book21
NightieAll Site1551
Paris1960 Sears Fall Winter Catalog101
Peanuts1967 Sears Christmas Book92
Peanuts1968 Sears Christmas Book81
PlaysetsAll Site1462
PlaysuitAll Site3551
Powder1960 Sears Fall Winter Catalog341
Punch1960 Sears Christmas Book121
radio controlAll Site3921
rain1947 Sears Christmas Book71
RAIN1948 Sears Fall Winter Catalog471
RAIN1949 Sears Spring Summer Catalog521
raincoat1942 Sears Spring Summer Catalog71
RCAll Site79442
RC carAll Site41
Record1976 Sears Fall Winter Catalog211
Record player1979 Sears Spring Summer Catalog11
Scroll1945 Sears Christmas Book51
Sesame street1981 Sears Spring Summer Catalog11
sewing1960 Sears Fall Winter Catalog441
Sewing1961 Sears Christmas Book161
sewing machine1940 Sears Fall Winter Catalog151
sewing machine1940 Sears Spring Summer Catalog151
sewing machine1941 Sears Fall Winter Catalog161
Sewing machine1951 Sears Spring Summer Catalog231
Sewing machine1976 Sears Christmas Book41
Sewing machine1976 Sears Fall Winter Catalog141
Sewing machine1976 Sears Spring Summer Catalog121
sewing machine1977 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book11
Sewing machine1978 Sears Fall Winter Catalog101
Sewing machines1974 Sears Spring Summer Catalog81
Sewing machines1975 Sears Spring Summer Catalog71
Shoes1974 Sears Christmas Book631
Shoes1975 Sears Spring Summer Catalog1171
Shoes1994 JCPenney Christmas Book351
Shortcake1981 Sears Christmas Book101
Shortcake1981 Sears Spring Summer Catalog11
sleep1972 JCPenney Christmas Book101
snow1984 Sears Fall Winter Catalog421
sony1988 Sears Christmas Book111
sony1989 Sears Christmas Book101
sony1990 Sears Christmas Book151
Star wars1981 Sears Spring Summer Catalog11
Stereo1965 Sears Spring Summer Catalog241
Stereo1976 Sears Fall Winter Catalog251
Superman1956 Sears Christmas Book21
Tanker1976 JCPenney Christmas Book61
tanker1980 JCPenney Christmas Book21
tanker1981 JCPenney Christmas Book51
tanker1982 JCPenney Christmas Book41
tanker1984 Sears Christmas Book11
tanker1985 JCPenney Christmas Book11
television1949 Sears Christmas Book62
Television1950 Sears Christmas Book153
television1950 Sears Fall Winter Catalog222
television1950 Sears Spring Summer Catalog121
Television1951 Sears Fall Winter Catalog241
Television1952 Sears Christmas Book161
television1953 Sears Christmas Book171
television1962 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book31
television1964 JCPenney Christmas Book21
television1965 JCPenney Christmas Book61
Tent1976 Sears Spring Summer Catalog241
Tent1980 Sears Fall Winter Catalog181
Tent1980 Sears Spring Summer Catalog171
Tent1981 Sears Spring Summer Catalog231
Tent1983 Sears Spring Summer Catalog251
tonka1963 Sears Christmas Book12
tonka1964 Sears Christmas Book11
tonka1965 Sears Christmas Book11
Tool1940 Sears Fall Winter Catalog1671
Tools1940 Sears Fall Winter Catalog701
Tools1950 Sears Spring Summer Catalog1151
toys1967 Sears Christmas Book531
tricot1975 Sears Spring Summer Catalog (Canada)501
truck1962 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book591
truck1973 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book221
Truck1979 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book241
Truck1981 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book371
Truck1986 Sears Christmas Book221
truck1990 JCPenney Christmas Book181
truck1990 Sears Christmas Book311
truck1991 Sears Christmas Book141
truck1992 JCPenney Christmas Book222
truck1992 Sears Christmas Book261
truck1993 JCPenney Christmas Book181
truck1994 JCPenney Christmas Book161
truck1995 JCPenney Christmas Book181
truck1995 Sears Christmas Book202
truck1996 Sears Christmas Book321
truck1997 Sears Christmas Book211
Truck2001 JCPenney Christmas Book141
Truck2004 JCPenney Christmas Book81
truck2004 Sears Christmas Book151
Turntable1975 Sears Fall Winter Catalog31
Turntable1976 Sears Fall Winter Catalog11
Turntable1976 Sears Spring Summer Catalog21
Turntable1977 Sears Spring Summer Catalog21
Turntable1978 Sears Spring Summer Catalog21
Turntable1979 Sears Spring Summer Catalog21
Turntable1980 Sears Spring Summer Catalog51
Turntable1981 Sears Spring Summer Catalog51
TV1949 Sears Christmas Book171
TV1950 Sears Fall Winter Catalog11
TV1950 Sears Spring Summer Catalog341
TV1951 Sears Christmas Book151
TV1951 Sears Fall Winter Catalog571
TV1956 Sears Fall Winter Catalog871
TV1962 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book481
TV1962 Sears Christmas Book591
TV1964 JCPenney Christmas Book291
TV1964 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book391
TV1965 JCPenney Christmas Book301
TV1965 Montgomery Ward Christmas Book451
TV1965 Sears Christmas Book531
TV1965 Sears Fall Winter Catalog831
TV1980 Sears Fall Winter Catalog1131
TV1987 JCPenney Christmas Book291
TV1987 Sears Christmas Book421
tyco1991 Sears Christmas Book11
underwear1993 JCPenney Christmas Book41
underwear1996 JCPenney Christmas Book61
underwear1996 JCPenney Fall Winter Catalog221
Vamp1960 Sears Fall Winter Catalog611
vinyl1949 Sears Spring Summer Catalog271
Watch1975 Sears Fall Winter Catalog221
west1966 Montgomery Ward Fall Winter Catalog221

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